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Bar Review Class: Bringing the tutoring experience to the classroom
Our bar exam coaches will teach students Legal Math techniques. The benefits of Legal Math are twofold:

(1) To help students save precious time so that they are able to complete the entire MBE portion of the Bar within the alloted time.

(2) To choose the correct answer choice.

Our bar exam coaches achieves these objectives by teaching students how to identify key facts from the question fact pattern after reading the question only once. Reading the question fact pattern once in a detailed manner prevents the students from wasting time by reading the fact patterm several times that can often lead to stress and loss of concentration.

After a detailed reading of the question, students will be able to create a predicted answer that is accurate and will often have similar language to the correct answer choice.

Class meets once a week for 2 hours over a 6 week period during which our bar exam coaches will divide class time between Legal Math MBE technique and Pro/Con Essay Outlining Method.

Classes are given twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer.

Unlike other Bar Review courses, the Novins Law Prep recognizes that students have a limited amount of time to study for the Bar. Therefore, our lectures are available at live locations or via the web. All students enrolled in the Novins Law Prep program will receive a password so that they may view the lectures as often as they would like from the location of their choosing. Web access is beneficial for all students in our program because they can pause, rewind, or listen to those parts of the lecutre they are having most difficulty with.

At the Novins Law Prep, we encourage class participation where students can ask questions during our lectures. In addition, students can post questions online and receive a response from our representative within 24 hours.

A la carte Bar Review Classes
Simulated MBE test:
    • 50 questions in 1 hour and a half
    • Same day review completed in 3 hours

Simulated Essay test:
    • 2 essays in 1 hour and a half
    • 2 hours to review the essays on the same day

* Class can be supplemented with tutoring. We recommend working with a tutor once or twice during the week to do additional practice questions that will enable the student to improve their strengths and eliminate known weaknesses.
  1-on-1 tutoring for the MBE and State Essays:
Our Bar Coaches serve two purposes. First, they explain Novins Law Prep methodologies to enable students to choose their best answer and to avoid tricky language in both fact patterns and answer choices. Second, Bar Coaches create proper study schedules that balance learning black letter law with how to apply a consistent test-taking approach to each part of the exam. The Novins Law Prep program is further tailored to the needs of each student.

Phone tutoring for the MBE and/or the Essay portion of the Bar:
Receive the great benefit of test taking methodology, feedback from your tutor, and personalized study schedule recommendations. This service gives all students who are out of state or have busy schedules the maximum flexibility without sacrificing the academic benefit of tutoring.

MPRE tutoring:
Our tutors will teach the student to use the Legal Math methodology by reviewing dozens of MPRE questions. This process will enable the student to develop a consistent approach to answering multiple choice questions in order to maximize scoring.

3 day, 4 hour per day, Intensive Programs for:
MBE: Over the course of 3 days, your tutor will teach Legal Math methodologies that are designed for each of the 6 MBE subjects. Then, the tutor will go over Released questions from each subject with the student to show the student how to effectively apply each methodology.

Essay and MPT:
Learn the Pro/Con Essay Outlining method over a period of 1,2, or 3 days depending upon the student’s needs and the subjects that the student wishes to review. The student will create 2 Pro/Con essay outlines for each important subject. Then, the tutor will review Model answers with the student to measure the student’s ability to identify key issues and to prove their conclusions with specific facts from the essay question. The student will also learn how to write a superior answer from this outline by deconstructing the Model answers for each question.

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