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One-on-one tutoring Is available for law school exam writing
Our Bar exam Coaches create proper study schedules that balance learning black letter law with how to apply a consistent test-taking approach to each part of your law scool exam.

Our law school exam tutoring is always tailored to the needs of each student.

Semester Membership Has Its Privileges
For 1Ls, we will teach outlining techniques that will enable students to write high scoring essay answers under timed conditions. For 2Ls, if you believe your essay approach needs improvement or you wish to have additional practice with feedback, Novins Law Prep methods can help you. For 3Ls, our techniques will help you in your current classes and on Bar exam essays. Furthermore, at the Novins Law Prep, we encourage class participation where students can ask questions during our lectures. In addition, students can post questions online and receive a response from our representative within 24 hours.

Law Exam Writing class meets once a week for 90 minutes over a 5 week period.

Our law exam prep program is designed to teach students how to write an effective outline that will enable the student to formulate succinct, fully developed IRAC answers in a timely manner. Specifically, in each of our classes we will be dissecting real law school exams from leading law schools and how the student should approach the exams. We are confident that the student who has the ability to ask us questions during our classes will leave class with a full understanding of our approach. We will teach the student how to write the answer properly by writing foundation issues, detailed rules with all the relevant elements that are triggered by the test, defenses or exceptions to those rules and the natural consequence if the rule applies.

The Novin Law Prep recognizes that law students only have a limited amount of time to study. Therefore, our lectures are available at live locations or via the web. All students enrolled in our program will receive a password so that they may view the lectures as often as they would like from the location of their choosing. Web access is beneficial for all students in our program because they can pause, rewind, or listen to those parts of the lecture they are having most difficulty with.
  Basic schedule
Pro/Con Essay Outlining Method:
     Week 1: Contracts
     Week 2: Torts
     Week 3: Civil Procedure
     Week 4: Property
     Week 5: Criminal Law or Criminal Procedure
* Subjects covered will be tailored to individual
law school curriculum

  • Black letter law outlines can be provided to the students for their review prior to the class
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions during the lecture
A la carte classes
Legal Math multiple choice test approach and short answer technique:
  • 40 questions over the course of one and half hours with a review of law and technique on the same day for one and half hours.

Simulated essay test:
•Proctored 3 hour exam with a same day review of
technique and law for approximately an hour.

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