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LSAT Class
Over the course of 4 weeks students will learn to apply Legal Math techniques in order to develop high level process of elimination skills that will greatly improve the student’s timing, confidence, and scoring average. In each class, the students will learn the Legal Math methodology as applied to each question type that has appeared on past exams. Throughout the course the student will have the opportunity to take 4 recently released timed exams in order to evaluate their progress and to target and eliminate weaknesses. If a student has the Legal Math skills that enable them to succeed on practice exams, then on the day of the real test, they will be able to maximize their score. Class meets twice a week for 3 hours at a time over the duration of 4 weeks.

Unlike other Bar review courses, Novins law prep LSAT class lectures are live with teachers who encourage class participation. Teachers are also available outside of class to answer questions by phone.

The Novins Law Prep recognizes that LSAT students only have a limited amount of time to study. Therefore, our lectures are available at live locations or via the web. All students enrolled in the Novins Law Prep program will receive a password so that they may view the lectures as often as they would like from the location of their choosing. Web access is beneficial for all students in our program because they can pause, rewind, or listen to those parts of the lecture they are having most difficulty with.

Basic Schedule
Week 1:
• Legal Math methodology for logical reasoning questions

Week 2:
• Legal Math methodology for logical reasoning questions continued
• Legal Math methodology for logic games

Week 3:
• Legal Math methodology for logic games continued


LSAT Tutoring

  • One-on-one tutoring to develop a successful long-term study plan.
  • Detailed instruction on test prep methodology while working on realistic practice exams.
  • Experienced tutors who have been successful working with students at all skill levels.
  • Tutor meets the student at their location of preference.

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