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  • One-on-one tutoring to develop a successful long-term study plan.
  • Detailed review of student results in actual practice exams.
  • Experienced tutors who have been successful working with students at all skill levels.
  • Tutor meets the student at their location of preference.

Why should I hire a tutor?

  • There are several benefits to tutoring:
    • Convenience of having a tutor come to you during the hectic Bar season
    • Comfort of having a law school tutoring professional whose knowledge you can rely on
    • Customizes tutoring program to the strengths and weaknesses of the student
    • Helps the student learn test taking methodologies so the student will be able to execute them both in practice and on the day of the Exam
    • Instant feedback on how to improve the student’s test taking approach on multiple choice and essay exams

Why should I hire Novins Law Prep tutor?

  • The Novins Law Prep tutor is trained by Drew Novins, Esq. Drew is one of the most experienced Bar tutors in the country. He is a full time tutor, scored a 171 on the MBE (top 2%), and has worked with numerous students with all skilled level who have passed the Bar exam including many retakers.
  • The Novins Law Prep tutor is trained in Legal Math which is a repeatable methodology for each of the six MBE subjects. Legal Math enables students to identify the real issue being tested. It will also teach the student to avoid tricky/wrong answers—those that are off topic and irrelevant to the question. Click here for an example of Legal Math methodology for Criminal Law.
  • The Novins Law Prep Pro/Con Essay Outlining method is designed to provide needed organization for your essay answer. If done correctly, the student can quickly and effectively use the outline to write a superior essay that will match many of the correct points on the Model answer. Click here for an example of the Pro/Con Essay Outlining method for Criminal Law.
  • The purpose of tutoring is to eliminate or to minimize known weaknesses. Your Novins Law Prep tutor will only move on when both the tutor and the student decide that the student has the proper knowledge of black letter law and a consistent test taking approach for each particular subject.
  • Your Novins Law Prep tutor will provide their best opinion of what you should be doing daily, weekly and on the day of the Exam so that the student is confident that they are prepared for the Bar.

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